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Job Title: Business Operations Specialist

Employer: Husky Express Corporation d/b/a "Garment Valet"

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Type: Full-time, experienced

Required Travel: Domestic travel throughout the U.S. and international travel on an as needed basis depending upon where the business expands and establishes other operations

Required Education: Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Management Science, Operations Research or a closely related field (foreign equivalent is acceptable)

Background of Business: Garment Valet offers superior, eco-friendly quality laundry and dry cleaning services through sophisticated software that allows customers to place orders online, track orders, indicate custom cleaning preferences, and receive orders the following day with direct delivery to residences. Garment Valet has been recognized for its efficient business model and exceptional customer service. Garment Valet's main customer base is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Job Duties:

  1. Work with senior managers and decision makers to develop plans and processes to improve business operations, align senior leadership, expand business beyond Boston, Massachusetts, capitalize on target markets, and implement solutions to business problems and limitations;
  2. Analyze sales data, department budgets, business expenses, and business assets to conceptualize sales growth and business projections. This involves identifying and evaluating existing constraints on sales and making detailed recommendations to management on how to achieve business objectives through increased sales and decreased expenses;
  3. Explore potential business partnerships and other opportunities, and play a key role reporting to senior management the value of the opportunity taking into consideration market strategies, deal requirements, revenue and sales potential, and return on investment;
  4. Collaborate with senior management on developing negotiating strategies for potential business partnerships and other opportunities;
  5. Examine risks to business and develop business risk models to measure various internal and external factors that could jeopardize the business and its expansion plans;
  6. Make observations on current systems utilized by business and identify operational issues; specifically operational shortfalls in comparison with competition and industry trends;
  7. Conduct market research and analysis by investigating the relevant market, such as competitive offerings and prospect needs as well as the company's market share;
  8. Develop marketing campaigns for new products and services, which includes formulating a specific budget and expenditure plan for each campaign;
  9. Assist with generating product development ideas and perform feasibility studies and establish business plans for new product development;
  10. Develop evaluation processes and models to assess contributions/effectiveness of senior management;
  11. Develop mathematical or simulation models to assign numerical values to specific expansion strategies and potential revenue streams; and
  12. Support the mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and code of ethical behavior of company.

Required Experience:

In addition to holding a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Management Science, Operations Research or a closely related field (foreign equivalent is acceptable), candidates must have at least 4 years of daily business operations experience.

Business operations experience must include:

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